The American Cleaning Institute (formerly The Soap and Detergent Association) has compiled this historical and technical record on the role of sanitation, medical advances, cleanliness and hygiene on public health and infection control.

This concise, 117-page book is a valuable resource for professionals and students in the medical, sanitation, education and public health fields. Learn what is described as the “health revolution,” the dawning of an era to end the struggle with devastating epidemics and when early death is no longer an accepted fate.


Allison E. Aiello, PhD, MS
Assistant Professor of Epidemiology
University of Michigan School of Public Health
Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA

Elaine L. Larson, RN, PhD, FAAN, CIC
Professor of Pharmaceutical and Therapeutic Research; Associate Dean of Research, School of Nursing; Professor of Epidemiology
Joseph L. Mailman School of Public Health
Columbia University
New York, New York, USA

Richard Sedlak, MSE
American Cleaning Institute
Senior Vice President, Technical &
International Affairs
Washington, DC, USA